Amsterdam with love

Hi there!
Last weekend I went to Amsterdam with my lovely boyfriend. We had such a great time! This post is to show you what we've done during our stay, and despite the fact I don't have much money I obviously went shopping! Just click below to see what I've done and what I got myself!

friday: we went to a really nice small pub where everyone knows each other, just to relax, get some drinks and play some pool. The pub had a really nice feeling, as if I've been there before. Everyone was really nice.
saturday: we went shopping and clubbing at night

sunday: As you might see, we went to the park. we originally wanted to do something else but I wasn't really feeling well, (perhaps a slight hangover?) so we ended up sitting/lying around in the park all day. In my opinion this might even be better than the other thing we planned.
In the park we did an amazing thing. I brought notes and a pen and we just began writing things down we want to do before we die, our own little bucket list. At home I had this board where I pinned everything on.

That evening we went to the red light district. A very touristic place where you have tons of ladies selling themselves. I noticed it may have been smart to wear an other coat. There where a lot of people staring at me, because of the fur I guess, and I found it a little awkward.
 While we where walking on the red light district I told my boyfriend I really wanted to sing with this street musician who was really good. I was a bit afraid but Mathieu made me do it and it was awesome! I was singing lustily to 'hey there delilah', and we even earned some money together!

  but then of course I still have some items to show you!
Amsterdam has lots of little vintage shops, so I was totally over the moon.
This shirt was only 15 euro in a vintage shop.

 This shirt was 19 euro

 My love and I bought the same sweater in a souvenir shop for 25 euro each, now we are matching!
 vintage shop: 5 euro
 This beauty I got from my love!

I hope you liked it a lot and I'm sorry for a possible cuteness overload!
I had an amazing time, and I recommend you to go to Amsterdam too.


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