Hi guys! I found these AWESOME shoes on This site has the most awesome dresses and shoes! I would love some of these, they're not that expensive and they're just beautiful! To see more information click on read more!

numbering from left to right! snakeskin heels - 15,90 euro (SALE!)
2.golden glitter transparent pumps - 15,90 euro (SALE) and gold pumps - 18,17 euro (SALE)
4.nude and black pumps - 18,17 euro (SALE) and transparent pumps - 18,17 (SALE)
6.white and snake print pumps - 18,17 euro (SALE) and gold pumps - 18,93 euro (SALE)
8.silver snakeskin pumps - 19.68 euro (SALE)
9.nude and snakeskin pumps - 21,20 euro (SALE)
10.white and sequins pumps - 21,20 euro (SALE) pumps - 21,96 euro (SALE)
12.snakeskin pumps - 21,96 euro (SALE)
13.brown quilted pumps - 21,96 euro (SALE)

I think I'm absolutely in love with all of these. You too? you should check them out soon because these items are all in sale and I think it won't take long to get these beauties sold out. Also it's like flash sales so it could end really soon!
I could definitely see myself walking on one of these!

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  1. great selection <3

  2. Such beautiful shoes :) I follow back on bloglovin #109, fb, pinterest and since gfc isn't working I added you on g+ instead. xx


  3. Hi!! Thank you so much for your comment! Of course I follow you, follow back??


  4. Nice selections.
    Glitter And Blush
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  5. cute,i like it!
    check my new outfit on


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