tips to look skinnier

All over the world there a fat, curvy, ‘normal’, skinny, and thin women, all of these women are beautiful. Some want to gain weight while some want to lose weight. But what if you’re trying and you don’t see success fast enough? Well there are some tips I could give you.

I am not always satisfied with my body and I’m trying my best to lose a bit weight step by step. Since it takes me so long I decided to make myself look a bit skinnier with the right clothes.
I researched a lot, and a lot I already knew, but here are some tips you might like!

1 Know what kind of body you have. Know what your weak sides are and definitely know what your good sides are. If you have a thin waistline, but a bigger bottom, try to wear things that accent your waistline and try to avoid things that accent your bottom.

2 Wear black

3 wear things that FIT! That’s the most obvious thing, but imagine this: You’re trying on a size S while you’re actually a size L, it fits after a long time of squeezing in. You’re extremely happy because you’re wearing a size S, and you want to run to pay the item. But wait! Wouldn’t you be happier if you wear something that doesn’t hurt you and isn’t about to tear apart. Maybe you just should try a bigger size, maybe it will fit better, and maybe you won’t see the muffintops anymore because the fat comes out above.

4 wear bootcut jeans

5 wear vertical striped items

6 make sure your lingerie fits. There’s nothing less attractive than having 4 boobs because your bra doesn’t fit, or having that fat coming out on the sides of your bra. Yes, people do see it..
7 wear high waisted jeans, or bikini bottoms. They don’t even need to be super high waisted. I noticed myself, I always wanted to fit in those super low waisted jeans and bikini bottoms, but now I found this out, it feels so much better. You don’t have to cope with sagging trousers anymore because they almost always stay in place. What I do is just tuck my belly fat into those jeans and go for it!

8 wear heels! They don’t only make your legs look longer and it’s also a good exercise for your butt!

9 Show off the good stuff! Don’t wear those unshaped boyish things, they will only make you look bigger. Keep the attention to the good parts!

10 go for thin materials, don’t go for tweed or ribbed stuff.
My own tips:
11 choose your shoes carefully. If you have big legs but small feet, don’t wear those vans or flats, especially if you have wide hips. They will shape you like a triangle, but that’s my opinion. Try something like those wide cowboy boots or with a little heel, but don’t wear tight boots.
12 If you have a lot of belly fat, don’t wear shirts with texts on it. When you sit your shirt may be stuck between a roll of fat and you won’t get to see half of the text, this makes it stand out. But do in fact wear shirts with prints, like flowerprints, all over.

13 and last but not least: we are all beautiful, don’t try to hide behind a mask, stand out and be proud, because we all deserve it! Just wear things that make you feel pretty, don’t care about what other people think!

And remember: this post is based on my opinion. These are the things that make me feel skinnier. Just be yourself in whatever you wear, but I only wanted to share a few tips!



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  1. Haha echt leuk om te lezen! Leuke bruikbare tips ook!


  2. It's true!! all the bodies are beautiful

  3. Found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! You have amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy to see you in my blog!

  4. This is amazing.. This post make me feel good about myself.. I'm not that fat but I don't have shape.. hehe.. Thanks for the visit on my blog anyway! ;)


  5. Your quote is so true! Nice blog, keep posted!

  6. LOVE this post!!! - So helpful!! :))

  7. Nice post :)
    maybe we can follow each other? let me know!

  8. Schat je hebt helemaal gelijk!
    Ik & Leila hebben ook geen maatje 36 en zijn fier op onze outfits.
    Zo zou het gewoon voor iedereen moeten zijn, jezelf goed voelen in je vel en je echt tonen.
    Bedankt voor deze leuke post, hopelijk houden we contact!
    Groetjes xo

  9. Hey, I found your article while searching for weight gain diet & routines. Haha. But thanks anyway, great article you have here! :)


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