A great budget tip: thriftshopping. If you are willing to search for a couple of hours for the most beautiful and cheap items that nobody else has, I recommend to go thriftshopping for sure! Last week I went to a shop where I bought all these items for only 36 euros!

 This blouse is 10 sizes too big for me but when I tried it on it looked great to wear it as a dress! Only 4 euros

This is my favorite, too bad there are many beads lost, but it doesn't really matter to me. Only 8 euros

 This jacket fits amazing, 10 euro

 This blazer is for the chique evenings or when I have to do a presentation or something like that. Only 6 euro

 This one isn't from the thriftshop. My mother bought it but it doesn't fit her well so I got it from her.

 First this was the ugliest dress in the world. But I pimped it up to make it look cuter and it worked out great! 3 euro

 This scarf is exactly what I was looking for. 0,50 euros!

This beautiful necklace (worth 50 euro) was only 2,75 euro


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