new in: lace & plaid

Wow guys, I have over 100 followers and this is my #100 post! What a coincidence! Thanks for all the love! This made me so happy I went out for a shopping spree, which you can see down here!

 trousers: C&A - 4,50 euro
 trousers - 7,50 C&A
sweater: C&A - 4,50
shirt: H&M - 5 euro

There was a huge sale at C&A, I went with my items to the pay desk and there was another 50% off on every single thing! Amazing! I usually don't go to this store but when I passed this store I saw some cute items in the window which made me go inside.
There was also a huge sale a H&M!


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  1. OMG this are amazing items for little money :)

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. Just 4,50 euro for the trousers? So jealous! Were they on sale?

    1. Yes they were! unbelievably cheap. When I walked with my items to the pay desk I thought the trousers were 9 euro, at the pay desk they told me there was another 50% off! First they were 25 euro's I think!

  3. Love those black lace pants!! I can already think of so many possibilities to dress em! :)

  4. The C&A sweater is my favorite.
    I was looking around for something in that style.
    Beautiful picks girl.

    Love from Canada.

  5. The trousers and the sweater will be the best pair <3 I love this post. Keep on posting. You deserve more views. Please also visit my blog Have a nice day!


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