outfit: cozy fashionable

Warm, cozy but fashionable outfit. To be honest, I prefer leggings, trousers or jeans are always so tight and with leggings you just don't have the feeling your jeans will get baggy. That's my biggest problem with jeans. The only disadvantage of this outfit is that I have to be sure my legs are kept together all time. This isn't even really a problem.

 I love this sweater, it just feels so cozy, and because a skirt and a necklace always look fashionable my outfit is cozy but fashionable. 

These shoes have a nice story to go with them, I bought them like 4 years ago at newyorker, I never wore them, 2 years ago I thought it would be a shame to throw them away so I decided to give them a new life: I painted them from beige to black. I still never wore them but it still would be a shame if I just threw them away. I pulled a little on the leather and there came these beige cracks in the black paint. I love it, they look vintage right now. There it is, their new life, and my lesson to never throw things away!
What am I wearing?
sweater - H&M
shoes - newyorker
panty - hema
skirt - H&M
necklace - H&M


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  1. Great outfit!I like your sweater)Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  2. Nice outfit. I love this sweater! :-)

  3. Amazing post! I'm following you with GFC, it would be great if you do the same <3


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