future plans

Yes, I confess, I live a bit too much in the future. Making plans to decorate my home, collecting pictures of places I just have to go. Too bad I'm so much into the future I almost forget my everyday life. Which results in not having studied for my upcoming exams next week... If I don't pass all of these I won't even have the future I want to, or it will be delayed, a lot.
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I just don't have it in me to tell myself to go study, I just can't, maybe you guys can. I dó have it in me to search for inspiration every day, hour, minute of my life. I thought you shouldn't miss anything of my future plans, so it might be a good idea to share some things.

This is how I would like my future to be:
what I want my future home to be like:
I'm just in love with the whole wooden, vintage, white, modern touch idea.

What I want my future trips to be like:
I love the old towns/cities and I absolutely love nature!

What I want my future pet to be:
Oh I'm melting. At home we have something like the last picture now, LOVE IT!

how I want my future body to be:
tanned and skinny

What do you think of this, and what are your future plans?
remember you can't plan your whole future, things might go different than expected but it is beautiful to have dreams!


source of pictures: pinterest except of the first one. (that's mine)

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