fabulous winter trends 13-14

Hi girls, maybe a little bit late but I needed the time to discover the trends for this winter.

 Luckily I'm perfectly comfortable with one trend: faux fur coats.
 I already have 3 faux fur items in my closet. Last year I had my leopard print faux fur coat which you can see here and this year I have the most furry coat ever in black which you can see here. Also I have a faux fur gilet which you can see right here.
To be honest I'm a little disappointed everybody wears furry coats now because it seems, in my school and everywhere else around me, I was the furst(haha, do you get it.) to wear this. My biggest problem is that there were people that told me it didn't look good, guess who are wearing fur coats now? That's right, the people that made fun of me. But that's not the point, the point is: Faux fur coats are on almost everyone's shopping list or in everyone's closet now, and I dó like this trend!
Here are some items:
nelly-69,95 euro
h&m-49,95 euro,92 euro
But there's another trend I like! Tartan!
Tartan is like plaid or checked, and I love tartan blouses and scarves most.
Here is some inspiration:,58 euro,32 euro euro
The third trend I really like is velvet. In my opinion it's still really nice and I just might buy the velvet skirt found on forever21, see here. I haven't seen anyone around me in velvet yet, and I think that's a shame because velvet just says elegance and beauty.
 Here are some velvet items: euro euro,19 euro
Ofcourse there are lots of other trends like: pastels, sporty chic, animalprint and oversized coats/sweaters

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  2. im dying for a fur coat!

  3. nice post! love that outfit from h&m!


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