Pagina's wishlist

Beige Long Sleeve Diamond Patterned Loose Sweater - 11,67

Red Long Sleeve Cable Knit Pullover Sweater - 15,58

Khaki Long Sleeve Shaggy Slim Cardigan Sweater - 21,53
Black Round Neck and White Cross Pattern Jumper Sweater - 18,56
Beige Long Sleeve Shaggy Mohair Loose Sweater - 11,52

Navy Tribal Striped Pattern Draped Front Cardigan - 21,82
Camel Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Chunky Sweater - 14,42
1. Grey Batwing Long Sleeve Pockets Cardigan 24,82 euro

2. Apricot Long Sleeve Leopard Tassel Cardigan 27,92 euro
love those cosy sweaters.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the first jumper and that patterned cardigan! Happy new year :)

  2. Wat een heerlijke trui! Die wil ik ook wel:)


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