9 tips to lose weight

Hi girls, 
You probably didn't know these tips, at least I didn't. Since I'm sort of obsessed with losing weight I searched tons of information on the internet. I found 10 tips I haven't heard of before and I really wanted to share them with you!

1: Drink one fruitsmoothie a day
It's easy to make and absolutely delicious. Also this tip is easy to sustain because it tastes awesome. Gather some fruit like bananas, strawberries of apples and find out your own delicious mix.

2: Put red pepper in your meals
Red pepper is good to burn energy. Red pepper could be an everyday spice, also eat the seeds because the seeds contain healthy substances. 

3: Eat a boiled egg every day
Eggs contain a lot of vitamins. You wouldn't think but I believe this. Eggs also contain much cholesterol but we really need it! Eggs don't contain calories but take energy to digest it.

4: Always eat mustard with cheese
Mustard burns fat faster. 

5: Eat 2 avocado's a week. 
Avocados are known as fat fruit but the fat is unsaturated.

6: Don't eat white sugar
Sugar is like drugs, you only want more and more. The right thing to do is to use the biologic variants or make your orange juice yourself, without sugar!.

7: Don't eat white pasta
Only eat whole-wheat macaroni or spaghetti. Whole-wheat products aren't refined

8: Try new things!
Vary with your food. Your body loves to eat new food every day, it makes the digestive system work better and harder.

9: (You'll probably all know this) Don't drink soda.
But what you might not know is you shouldn't drink light-products either. Research has shown that people don't lose weight with replacing regular soda with diet/light soda. This is because our liver has to work very hard to burn aspartaam, the most important product in light-soda. The body hasn't enough energy left to burn the rest of the food so it screams for energy. You'll get hungry.

10: this is your choice, tell me something I might didn't know about losing weight.

This article is not written to convince people to lose weight. We all have to remember we are pretty in our own way! Every one of us!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Goeie tips, ik ga zeker meer peper gebruiken! Wat ik goed vind is je dag beginnen met een glas water met citroensap (wel met een rietje drinken voor je tanden).

  2. Ik vind het hele goede tips! Ik heb nog een paar aanvullingen :)
    1. Je kan natuurlijk ook spinazie of een andere groente in je smoothie gooien als je moeite met groente eten hebt (zoals ik), 2 handen spinazie en 2 stukken fruit en je proeft niks meer van de spinazie :D.
    2. Sta niet elke dag op de weegschaal, maar 1x op een vaste tijd per week. Elke dag 10 keer wegen word je alleen maar ongelukkig van!

    Ik wens je een heele goede kerst :)


  3. Don't eat at night, which i do by the way!!
    i didnt know that mustard is a fat burner, Thanks,


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