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 these are my favorite beauty products, it makes my skin very soft and you don't need anything else
 These glue-on nails are only 3 euro but are very good. The glue is extremely strong and they could stay on your nails for a week. In my opinion is a week very long for 3 euro. Once I had glue-on nails for 10 euro and they came off the second day I wore them.. What I also love about these nails is that they are not too long and have round edges.


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  1. I love tea tree, so I bet the facial cleanser is amazing!

    1. yes I tried it a couple of times at my friends' house and ever since my face feels so soft! I just love it and had to have it!

  2. Love the tea tree face wash!
    Following you ,hope you will follow me back!


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