leopard blazers and photo albums

 Hello girls.
Lately I couldn't help but notice that there were a lot of people on my blog from a lot of different countries. That made me realise that I maybe have to go worldwide with my blog. Writing in English!
Luckily I'm not that bad in English, and also I don't have a lot of text in my posts! So let's keep it that way!

 I bought this blazer secondhand for 15 euros, I just lóve it! I love almost anything with this kind of print on it and I just had to have it. Now it's finally mine!

The last few days I was really busy with making a photo album from our holiday in Spain. It was awesome and we made a lót of pictures and I just wanted to show you the looks of the photo album. Maybe I will show you some pictures from it one day.

Oh and also, my nail polish is new! it's from DA for 2,99. I don't know if you can see it very well on the pictures above but it is kobalt blue! I love it!

Tomorrow I'll go shopping with one of the loveliest girls in the world! Soon she will be writing a post on my blog, and I think tomorrow there wel be another 'new in' post!


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  1. Great idea to write only in English, I love the blazer.

    Thanks for your comment.I follow you now via bloglovin.


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  2. Hi sweetie I love your outfit! :) Feel free to visit and follow my blog :) Followed you already Hugs from Philippines :)

  3. Goed idee om alleen Engels te bloggen! Succes!
    Toffe blazer.

  4. Hi ! would love to have us follow each other :)
    ♥Stacey Nguyen

  5. Hi I just followed you <3

  6. Thanks for your comment)
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  7. This blazer is really amazing!!!
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  8. cool blazer

  9. Awesome blazer! thx for following - following back on GFC (rosita bizerman no.47)


  10. Love the leopard prints!!


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