fabrics and jewelry

 I told you in my last post that I went shopping today, so here are the items I bought!

 This H&M blazer was 34,95 euro. I really like the leather sleeves and the off white colour!

 These two new fabrics where 3 euro a piece. I don't know yet what to use them for but i'll promise that there is going to be a new DIY soon!
What would you like to see from these new fabrics?

 This aztec bandeau top from Jane Norman was 9 euros(sale!!). I bought it to wear underneath my two V&D shirts and my abbey road shirt!

I bought this jewellery holder so I won't lose everything like I always do.. it was 16,95 at Claire's.

I bought three infinity rings, a silver, a rosé gold and a gold. The gold one is for me and the other two are for my two best friends! When I saw them I just thought they were perfect!

and finally, after a month I have my baby back. I missed her so much! but it looks better now!


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  1. Love that B&W jacket!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I followed you on GFC ;)

  2. De blazer van de h&m is echt super! Ik ben je gaan volgen vond je DIY met de blouse ook zo tof! :)

  3. Love the jacket and the infinite ring!!!
    We follow you!!
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  4. Erg mooi! Die sieradenhanger is erg leuk! En wat een prachtige ring!

  5. Love the blazer and the ring! Thanks for your comment and following my blog. Followed you now too girl! Check out my new post and let me know what you think. See ya...

  6. Wat een mooie aankopen! De bandeautop en blazer zijn mijn favorieten :)

  7. Amazing new stuff :) Thanks for your following... I am following you back :)

  8. wow, you made an amazing shopping ;)


  9. lovely pieces, followed, follow me back? xx


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