looks like summer, but isn't..

hi girls.
Did you know in the place where I live (holland) it almost rains every single day. Still I keep buying stuff to wear in the summer, but why would I with this weather and only a week in spain? It doesn't matter, only for my wallet. These clothes look like it's summer but they're also good to keep me warm in these cold days.
watch-D&G bracelet-a gift from my brother from peru

shoes-customized allstars trousers-second hand  top-return
I'm sorry for my angry face in this picture, I didn't really know what I was thinking. And there's also a stain on my trousers but don't worry it's from washing my hands! Only the top is new, but I'm really happy with it! Oh and the clip in my hair (that you can't see) is also new!

take care!

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