It wasn't as easy as it looks

hi girls!

Last week I was really busy with playing a tennis tournament! It was awesome. I also won, it's unbelievable haha!

 No it's really unbelievable because I allways have a lot of pain on my right shoulder, and I'm waiting to get my operation. It all happened when I was playing the first game this competition season, it was easter that day. I was playing tennis and I played a ball that was super hard and nice! The problem was that my shoulder was displaced so I had to walk with a sling for 2 weeks..

That was the first time, but the second time was with a day with my colleagues. We went to the fair, and someone won a really big (light) ball. My colleagues where playing with it and I wanted to join them so I jumped in front of that ball and slapped it with all my power, thinking it was a really heavy ball. Well it wasn't, and my shoulder was displaced again, again I had to walk with a sling for 2 weeks..

After a couple of physiotherapy sessions my physiotherapist said that I need to have a surgery if it won't get better soon.. It's still not better, because when I sleep in the fault position, or when I want to do my hair my shoulder and arm hurts really bad.. operation it is!

still I won this beautifull price, and I'm proud!

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