budget shopping: nastygal

hello girls!
I was searching on for nice clothes with a good price for so long, that I'm so happy that I found stuff! I had to share it with you guys because this stuff is all under 40 euro! And as cheap as possible ofcourse!

here are my favourites:

1 baroque crop top, 30,96
2 dip dye tank, 15,50 (sale)
3 cross to bear necklace, 14,54
4 holy lace tank, 22,61
5 blossom lace top, 21,48 (sale)
6 sugar rush blouse, 30,68
7 total stud blouse, 38,76 (not that cheap but, LOVE!)
8 twisted lace blouse, 30,68
9 wild stripe shirt, 30,69

And I think everyone of you is thinking: why isn't there a number ten?
I invite you to search for a number 10 for me! (under 40 euros ofcourse) I'm really curious what your style is and what you like from the site, so feel free to comment your favourite from nastygal


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