just got myself some new birthday stuff!

hello guys! tomorrow it is my birthday! I'll finally be 16 then, and then I can finally go out legaly. Ugh it took so long.. Yesterday I went shopping with my lovely mother and I bought all this new stuff, I'm so happy with it! Oh, the stuff that is here: is also new!
jacket from the coolcat(!)(I never bought something at coolcat..)
beautiful new shopper from jane norman, it is supposed to be used when the next schoolyear starts but it is already in use hihi
blue dress from return, shoes from 2-bizzy, necklace from H&M
this isn't really a good picture, but the top is new. When I have it on I feel a bit like an indian, but it's really cute!
This is also a really bad picture but I wanted to show you this one so I could show you my new dip-dyed hair, don't you like it? It took a long time before I was used to it..
This is a better picture from the outfit above! The top is from Jane Norman, and the necklace is from H&M. (my mother doesn't like this outfit because it makes me a 'belgian'. I don't agree with her btw!) love,

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  1. leuk! maar ben ik nou gek, haha, ik zie geen dip dyed hair?

    1. het is blond aan de onderkant het is alleen een klein beetje mislukt haha omdat het gewoon op enorme uitgroei lijkt.. ik zet er binnenkort nog wel een betere foto op !


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